“Wahid” is the arabic translation for the word “One”. This piece is highly conceptual, where “Wahid” represents the number one, one identity, one person,one community, etc. The piece represents different aspects of being ”One” and original, by highlighting the different sides of “Wahid”.


Wasteful Living Collection
The Wasteful Living collection is a collection of furniture that consists of both one-of-a-kind pieces, and prototypes produced for different types of mass-production. The collection demonstrates the difference between appropriation as an art form, a design aesthetic and philosophy, and means of necessity.

Wasteful Living, conceptually, is the art of resourceful living, where post-industrial objects represent the ethos of our current society. A society where the norm. is to buy and throw away, instead of a make-do and mend mentality, a wasteful society. Wasteful Living is where we begin to make-do with what we have and redesign for sustainability with a new approach on materials. Here most post-industrial objects are looked upon as raw material, for new functions. Wasteful Living does not only include objects, that are physical, but also subjects, that conceptually discuss other vital issues in our society.