2505 Hospice
Location: Waldorf, MD
Sq.Ft: 25,000

Hospice of Charles County, Inc. is a nonprofit, community based organization that provides effective pain and symptom management to individuals diagnosed with a terminal illness, regardless of their ability to pay; and through the efforts of certified, skilled-care professionals and trained volunteers. The assisted living center has 10 patient rooms, family meeting rooms, a large conference room and multiple staff kitchens. The hospice provides office space to its employees, volunteers and visiting professionals on the second floor.

Working with a non-profit organization was a great learning opportunity because of the challenges arising from a budget that is mostly reliant on donations. Working closely with contractors and the hospice management & marketing team, a phased construction schedule was devised to work with a marketing and donations event schedule.

The first important design lesson was accessibility, specifications of stairs, ramps, hallways and an opportunity to install a commercial grade elevator. the second lesson came in a form of space planning exercise, due to the need to separate the patient rooms from testing and utility spaces. All patient rooms had access to private patios leading to a large garden that wraps around the building, the rooms are centered around a large nurses station, pharmacy, and elevator. With S.D. Lohr Construction.