Bowens Road Historical Restoration, Renovation & Addition
Location: Prince George’s, MD

A restoration and structural rehabilitation project on a 3 story historical house built in the 1700’s .

The project included the remodeling/ renovating 2 floors of bedrooms and bathrooms, a kitchen. Additionally, a sunroom, breakfast room, a large basement and a 400 Sq.Ft Deck were added to the existing house. The project also included a large lake-bed geothermal system, which replaced the standard heating and cooling systems. A large scale residential restoration, renovation, addition, large barn house and milking facility, taught us that attention to detail is what makes architecture, although not the details we prefer.

On a technical aspect, this renovation added many new skills and concepts about joining old and new, both in design and construction methods. Many skills we still use today in projects in new york. With S.D. Lohr Construction.